Tech House Mega Pack Release

February 26, 2013

Sample Pack Releases

Tech House LoopsMake room on your hard drive for this Goliath of a sample pack. They should have called it ‘HouseZilla‘ because this download is around 1.4 Gigabyte and is packed to the brim with cutting edge Tech House loops so that all you dance music producers can get the jump on the competition.

This ‘Tech House Mega Pack‘ features 20 song construction kits but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is music by numbers. These sounds are infinitely usable either as standalone samples or as beat making stems. The sound quality is on such a level that you’ll be inspired to take these concepts in your own direction and use them to create something unique and memorable.

What’s more you’ll have plenty of fun doing it. To give you an idea of what’s on offer with this substantial Mega Pack here are a couple of previews of mixes. Every sound you hear is included in this product.

As you can hear in the demos, it’s radio ready stuff and more importantly dance worthy stuff.

By including the MIDI files that were created in the original song concepts Platinumloops have really empowered all you tweakers. Not sure what we mean? Well, lets say your mixing together a few of the loops and you decide you’d like to change a couple of the notes in the lead synth melody, no problem, just import the MIDI tracks and you’ll get access to that synth sequence in its raw, isolated form. You can then assign your own virtual instrument to that MIDI track and the changes you made to completely replace the original audio loops. Now that’s total control.

Of course you can stick with mutating the audio files as most DAW’s these days are fully capable of pitch changing as well as intricate cut and paste tricks. For that type of thing we recommend Ableton as it seems to be the most powerful and flexible DAW we’ve ever used – and we’ve used them all.

Go check out the official product page for the ‘Tech House Mega Pack‘ and download some free demo loops to check their suitability for your projects.

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