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How to Master a Song in GarageBand

September 22, 2012

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Welcome back!  Thanks for joining us here at Samplepacks.ca!  Today we learn how to get a full sounding master mix in GarageBand. We’ll be mastering a loop set from PlatinumLoops’ Dubstep Apocalypse.  If you haven’t check that out already, then be sure to do so. how to master example Getting Started… Step 1 – Add […]

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Compressor Shoot Out On Live Drums

February 7, 2012



With all of the software compressors available, it can be difficult for a young producer to decide what’s an effective use of their budget.  Most DAW’s have some sort of stock compressor, but there’s always the allure of these high-end 3rd party processors that supposedly give you this magical mix the stock processors do not.  […]

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