String Samples Mega Pack

May 22, 2013

Sample Pack Releases

Once in a while you get a sample pack that offers something truly unique. The latest Mega Pack release from Platinumloops is one such offering. The ‘Disco Strings’ Mega Pack encapsulates that vintage string ensemble sound made famous during the disco era. That sound has been emulated for decades ever since and to this day adds a real touch of class to any modern production be it house music, chillout or hip hop.

Take a listen to these gorgeous sounding demos and you’ll hear what we mean.

There’s nothing quite like a shimmering string section to give your tracks that polished sound. Listen to artists like Jamiroquai, Zero 7, Air, Daft Punk, Beck and even Nero to hear how strings can enhance any song. With syncopated ‘staccato’ riffs, stabs, glissandos and classic disco falls this Mega Pack hits the mark and will seriously boost your creative juices.

Head over to Platinumloops now and grab a few free demo loops to play with, these string samples are sure to stir some inspiration in your soul.


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