Platinumloops Releases Arabian Breaks V2

March 15, 2012

Sample Pack Releases

Arabic Loops

New from Platinumloops, Arabian Breaks V2 puts the magic of the middle east in your mix with these superb samples infused with sounds that range from Indian to Persian to Arabian.

With everything that you need to create totally atmospheric tracks with a distinct Arabian flavour this sample pack has a unique vibe and sound quality.

The live instruments really shine, from bansuri flute to violins and santoor, the room ambience on some of the live instruments really adds a lively sparkle to the these sounds.

Containing 129 loops that consist of 10 full song kits it’s easy to build these mixes or more importantly craft your own entirely new beat. These loops are so inspirational that you could use any of these as a jumping off point to create your own unique beat in pretty much any musical genre.

Grab some free demo loops and try these out for yourself.

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