New Kickless House Drum loops from Silicon Beats

March 12, 2012

Remxing, Sample Pack Releases

kickless house drum loopsSilicon Beats just released a new sample pack of house drum loops minus the kick drum.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a kickless drum loop allows you more scope to customize the groove to fit your song. By omitting the kick drum you still get the benefit of the drum groove with the space to drop in your own kick to suite your mix.

This approach offers more control when compared to a house drum loop that is already fully maxed out. If you spend any amount of time in clubs you’ll notice that this is a technique that DJ’s have been using for decades. A good DJ can control the dynamics of a crowd by deciding when to drop the kick drum and let the song deliver its full force. By pulling the kick and calming down the song the DJ creates a sense of anticipation, the crowd can’t wait for the full power of the beat to kick back in so they can go crazy.

Kickless House Drum Loops work in the same way. If your drum loops already have full power where can you go from there? By leaving a space for the producer to add their own kick drum it gives you more creative control to not only decide WHEN the kick drum should be added but also WHAT kick drum to use that most suites your beat.

Advanced producers often use multiple kick drums in a song to vary the delivery of power and energy just at the right time. For example, you might find that a verse in a song has a slightly less powerful kick than the hook or chorus. When the songs main hook comes in the producer might choose a more punchy kick drum to really lift that part of the song.

However you like to work, kickless house drums give you the choice and flexibility to deliver the power however and whenever you see fit.

You can download some free demo loops over on the product page.

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