New Dirty South Mega Pack

February 21, 2013

Sample Pack Releases

Download Dirty South SamplesYou can now get your hands on one massive behemoth of a sample pack for Dirty South production. Platinumloops have launched a new Mega Pack that contains their two popular hip hop producer packs for for  Dirty South.

Wading in at 836 Mb it’s a fairly chunky download but the beat making inspiration you’ll be getting is of premium quality. You can either go the easy route and piece together the beats as they were created or take things in your own direction and start something totally unique. Either way the choice is yours and the raw material is there to fire you imagination as always.

The two sample packs they bundled together are ‘Dirty South Bombs V1‘ and ‘Dirty South Bombs V2‘. Take a listen to the demos below to get an idea of the beat vibe you’ll get from this monster sample pack.

Containing 296 loops of perfectly edited stems into loops and the original MIDI files for each beat concept this sample pack is as versatile as it is huge. If you’ve been wanting to break into the Dirty South beat making scene this is what you need to make a strong start and get established.

Likewise if you’re a vocalist or rapper who wants to throw down over some high quality beats you’ve just found your latest song writing partner with this sample pack. Hop on over to Platinumloops right now to download a bunch of free demo loops to test them out in your DAW or sampler.

The other thing to note is that with this being a Mega Pack you’ll actually get about a 20% saving buy purchasing this bundle when compared to purchasing the two loop packs individually. That’s their way of giving you a price break for buying in bulk.

Add that to the fact that they regular have sales and you’ll start to see why these Mega Packs are total bargains for the serious producer.

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