Metal Stompers V1

March 12, 2013

Sample Pack Releases

Hot out of the Silicon Beats mastering suite comes ‘Metal Stompers¬† V1‘. A hard and heavy collection of live metal drum loops with that essence of ‘STOMP’ that’s been the hallmark of many a classic metal track.

Where would bands like Slayer, Pantera and Sepultura be without the head banging, mosh inducing stomp grooves that make even the nerdiest Lady Gaga fan want to start moving their head in time with the STOMP?

Not only does this sample pack nail the essence of the STOMP groove but the drum sound is pretty awesome as you’ll hear from the demo above. The epic china cymbal makes these grooves sound huge and the wealth of drum fills makes the drum patterns really easy to piece together to make the ultimate metal drum track.

What makes this drum loop collection different to other metal offerings is the inclusion of some grooves that feature side stick instead of full on snare hits. This creates a dynamic sound palette that contrasts perfectly with the all out ‘balls to the wall’ beats. You can hear this in action when you listen to the demo above.

With only 76 loops it’s a fairly small sample pack but the price reflects this and the usability of the drum patterns makes this a versatile collection of live metal drum loops.

As is typical with Silicon Beats you’ll get all three of the most popular file formats to cover pretty much any DAW requirements. With Acidized WAV files, Rex2 files for Reason and the ever popular Apple Loop format for Garageband and Logic they’ve covered all the bases.

This sample pack weighs in at just over 248Mb so unless you’re out in the dessert using a 33k modem, the download should be pretty fast, allowing you to keep a smooth workflow when inspiration hits.

Go and check out the full product description and maybe download some of the free demo metal drum loops so you can test out the quality of this fine product.

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