Killer Breakbeats V2

March 12, 2013

Sample Pack Releases

Silicon Beats just released their second installment of nuclear powered drum loops with ‘Killer Breakbeats V2‘.

This sample pack features plenty of hybridized drum loops which are basically edits of  live drum breaks that have been fed through the Silicon Beats groove mangling machine to create some huge sounding break beats. This seems to work really well because the source audio comes from live funk drum loops that have been cherry picked from the massive Silicon Beats library that they’ve built up over the last 11 years.

If you’re not familiar with Silicon Beats and their top notch drum loops you should be. They’ve been around forever and have honed their skills to the cutting edge of live drum recording. They’ve also got plenty of electronic drums in their arsenal but it’s the live acoustic stuff where the excel.

These drum loops range from mild and funky to all out brutal and can work with a wide variety of musical genres.

You get full DAW compatibility as always because Silicon Beats are kind enough to provide three audio file formats with all of their products. You’re not forced to choose and then re-buy if you one day decide to switch to a different DAW, so to some degree you are future proofed.

With ‘Killer Breakbeats V2’ you’ll notice that many of the drum breaks have a stylish ‘retro’ sound that gives them an almost vintage vibe, as if they were sampled from old vinyl from the days of warm analog recordings. This is a nice touch and gives this product a unique flavour.

Take a listen to the demo above and you’ll hear that sound. These sample are heavily processed and expertly edited into seamless loops that you can drop right into your projects without missing a beat – no pun intended.

March over to the Silicon Beats site and download a few free demo breakbeat drum loops.

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