How to Share an Ableton Live Session

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, we now have access to more resources than ever before.  The Internet has provided a medium for connecting the world, and in doing so, it has changed so many things about the way we create and produce music.

Being able to share your recording session with someone on the other side of the world is a very powerful tool.  It gives us limitless possibilities in terms of where we can take our musical works.  People from completely different walks of life and musical influences can work together relatively easy through file sharing via the Internet. This a technique that the head producers at Platinumloops have been using for years when mastering their Loops & Samples for release.

Here is how you prepare a session to be archived and transferred:

Step 1: Click File.  Scroll down and click on Manage Files.

  Step 2: Scroll over to The File Management browser and choose Manage Project.

Step 3: Next, scroll down to External Files and click on the small triangle to expose its contents.

Step 4: Within External Files content, click on the Collect Into Project box that says No.

*Note*:  After clicking on it – it should turn yellow and say yes.

 Step 5: Now choose the Collect and Save feature down at the bottom of the browser box.

*Note*: This feature will not show up unless the Collect Into Project box says yes.

Ableton will then archive all of the samples and audio files into the Project folder.

Now is a good time to double check.

– Within the Samples folder you should see several other sub folders that contain all of the necessary audio files.

Step 6:  Convert your Project folder into a zip file.

All that remains is to compress your Project folder into a zip file and upload it online. On a Mac you can compress a folder by left-clicking on that folder and choosing Compress from the drop down menu.

Sometimes your sessions are small enough to send via email, but this not always the case.  There are plenty of data upload sites but a lot of them don’t function that great.  We prefer DropBox.  The basic package is free and file sharing is easy.

Other Tips

If you’re working with several Live Sets that must be archived and transferred online, it is recommended that each Live Set have its own Project folder.  This will assure that each Live Set has its own Samples folder as well, which will be important when you transfer your work from one computer to another.

To separate Live Sets within the same Project folder, simply load up any or all of those Live Sets and ‘save as’ to a different location than the original Project folder (i.e – desktop).  Now Ableton will automatically give that Live Set its own Project Folder and you can begin to archive your samples

We hope you found this tutorial helpful!  Be sure to check back for truck loads of FREE information from!

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