How To Install FL Studio On A Mac

January 31, 2012

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FL Studio has been a quality DAW for quite some time.  Despite its success, the developers have yet to create a MAC compatible version of the software. To this day I still wonder why?  It doesn’t seem like it should be a problem.  Most major DAW’s have had this issue taken care of for years now.  Somebody please send a memo to Image-Line (FL Studio developer) and ask them what’s the hold up?

With that being said, it IS possible to run FL Studio on your MAC.  Here’s how:

Step 1 – Download Wine Bottler

Wine bottler is a free crossover application that allows you to install and run Windows applications on your MAC.

You can download it here:

Step 2 – Install Wine Bottler

Install the application.

Once installed, you can locate the icon in your ‘Applications’ folder.

Step 3 – Download the FL Studio demo

Image-Line offers a nice demo for FL Studio that you can download for free.  It’s a stripped down version of the real thing, but it’s still worth having.

Note: I strongly recommend that you test out the demo version on your MAC before you consider buying the full program.  You want to ensure that there aren’t any major performance issues.  Keep in mind that FL Studio is meant to run on a Windows operating system.

Step 4 – Install FL Studio using Wine Bottler

Locate the FL Studio file you downloaded (flstudio_10.0.9.exe) and right click on it.

Scroll down to ‘Open With’ and then choose ‘Wine’.

Step 5 – Setting up Wine Bottler

A menu box will appear asking you what you would like to do with the file you chose to open. Choose ‘convert to simple OSX Application bundle with Wine Bottler’. Select ‘Go’.

Step 6 – Setting Up Wine Bottler Cont…

Another options box will appear.

Make sure that you have the ‘copy only’ box checked and also the ‘self contained’ box checked.  Click ‘Install’.

Step – 7 Name And Save Your New File

Click ‘Save’.

Step 8 – Follow Onscreen Install Instructions

After Wine Bottler makes some preparations you will be directed to the Install Wizard for FL Studio.  Follow those instructions and FL Studio will successfully install on your MAC.

Step 9 – Load up FL Studio and enjoy yourself.

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10 Responses to “How To Install FL Studio On A Mac”

  1. charismoid Says:

    Thanks a lot for this. I alwasy wondered why Image Line didn’t offer a Mac version so I’ll give thsi a try.

  2. Abod1515 Says:

    WoOoW It’s work for me ^_^


    but Is it just for the FL studio or the other windows app as-well ?

  3. AT_TA Says:

    @Abod151: wine will allow you to run other windows based apps on your mac, however, anything ram intensive might lag or crash. It’s just the nature of the beast.

  4. UHOH Says:

    I get a command line option syntax error everytime. Tried with multiple versions of FL. Any ideas?

  5. Mc Redom Says:

    Ive install fl studio but no sound get off of my computer (sorry im French)

  6. dj nature Says:


    these instructions are really basic.
    Some users may need to know about the regfile. To get it registered you have to go into wine then registry and import the regfile using the builtin regedit. That should be done before creating the bottle
    Yes installing works and running but on my 11 inch macbook air (2011 model) I dont get any sound, i.e. no sound driver shows up in Wine under preferences.
    Is there an easy fix for this?

    Can winetricks (or the frontend TRiX 0.9.2) or installing jackosx help?
    Also I head that it may work out of the box with Crossovers commercial version. I wish image-line forums had a settings page for setting up winebottler or crossover bottles properly.
    You may also need to do some hacks to get OGG encoding to work.

    • Bear Says:

      ok, so i did all the instructions above. But when i click on my file to open FL nothing happens i get a bar that says opening then that quickly goes away and the file just sits there for a few seconds then quits?

  7. gokhan Says:

    how we can uninstall it??

  8. No SOUND Says:

    I actually installed mine by watching someone else’s video but I unchecked the Desktop Icon and the Asio or whatever it was that started with an A. I also did not check the box for the Copy Only… Is this why I am getting no sound? I tried re starting this, because someone said this might help… It did not for me. Please, any help?

  9. no sound Says:

    hi, have followed all the instructions, and it’s installed but no sound, please i need your help

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