How to Connect a MIDI keyboard to GarageBand

June 18, 2012

Garageband Tutorial

MIDI keyboards are a vital part of music production.  They allow you to interact with software by sending signals that the software can recognize and interact with.  In terms of producing music, this allows you to work with an actual keyboard to control virtual instruments, parameters in your DAW, and more.  MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

Most MIDI keyboards have some form of audio driver you will need to install in order for them to work properly with your computer’s operating system.  Sometimes this comes on a CD included with your purchase.  Other times, you might have to download them from the internet.  Either way, you should follow those installation instructions before proceeding any further.

The good news is that connecting a MIDI keyboard to work with Garageband is a breeze, even if you haven’t done it before.

Step 1 – Load up an instance of Garageband and create a software instrument.

Step 2 – Connect your MIDI keyboard via a USB cable (it should’ve came included).

The wider/shorter end (Male)  goes into a USB port onto your computer, while the narrower/longer end (Female) will get connected to your keyboard.

Once the connection is made, make sure your keyboard is turned on.

Garageband should recognize it.

You’ll get a pop-up box stating that your number of MIDI inputs has changed.  Click OK and you should be good to go.

Step 3 – Record enable your instrument track and begin striking the keys on your keyboard.

By default, Garageband will provide you with a virtual piano when you create an instrument track, which should be the type of sound your hear when you start pressing keys on your MIDI controller.

Wrap Up…

Enjoy yourself!

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