Disco Strings V1 – New Sample Pack from Platinumloops

January 21, 2013

Sample Pack Releases

If you’re old enough you’ll remember the days of disco, outrageous parties, glittering clothing, nightclub scenes that bordered on religious experiences for some and most importantly, awesome music.

Part of the signature sound of the disco era was the high quality orchestral string arrangements that featured so heavily in songs by artists like Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor and the Jackson 5. Hell, even the Village People featured some spectacular disco strings in their all time classic ‘Y.M.C.A’.

Platinumloops have somehow managed to capture the essence of that classic disco strings sound with their latest sample pack entitled ‘Disco Strings V1. It features song construction kits that contain all the stemmed out elements for recreating those retro disco string arrangements.

We’re talking stabs, falls, staccato violin riffs and counter melodies and basically everything you need to build layer upon layer of orchestral string arrangements for dance music of any kind.

Even though these sounds have been designed to recreate the tone and vibe of the original disco genre they work equally well in modern dance music. Give your electro house tracks some soul and drop in one of these violin riffs or simply use some of the stabs and falls to create atmosphere and depth in your complextro beats.

Whatever the project, if you fancy spicing up your tracks with something a little different ‘Disco Strings V1’ is sure to relight your fire with inspirational hooks and melodies that can either enhance an existing beat or inspire you to create something altogether new and fresh.

In addition to the 100 audio loops included in this 450mb sample pack they also included the MIDI files that were created during the creation of the original song concepts for all you obsessive tweakers out there. Load up the MIDI files, assign your own virtual instruments and make any changes you like to the compositions.

As usual the loops themselves are all pristine 24 bit audio quality and compatible with pretty much any DAW worth its salt.

Head over to Platinumloops and download some free demo loops to see if these are the right sounds for your project.

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