New Cinematic Dubstep Samples from Platinumloops

January 30, 2013

Sample Pack Releases

Platinumloops is back with a second installment of Cinematic Dubstep Samples and this one scores high in the production quality department.

Not content with delivering some of the heaviest dubstep bass drops known to man Platinumloops also aims to bring some lush melody back to your beats with a touch of cinematic drama that they nail with pinpoint accuracy.

So, what do you get? Well, everything you hear in the demo is included in this 558Mb download plus a whole lot more. Each beat element is stemmed out to a an individual loop so you’ve got drum loops, bass synth riffs, and raucous leads as well as the orchestral elements that you hear which is what gives this sample pack that super cool ‘cinematic’ vibe.

The orchestral elements alone are worth the asking price as they really add a rich tension and drama that creates that atmospheric ‘sound track’ feel which is something Platinumloops have specialized in for some time now. Pensive staccato strings and chord progressions take you to a higher level as they lure you into a fall sense of security just before some killer wobble bass sucks the oxygen out of the room.

As for the bass drops and screaming synths it’s business as usual. Brutally heavy bass synths grab you by the ears and threaten to do some serious bodily harm if you’re not equipped with a crash helmet. If you want to sound like an army of terminators on the march with some seriously bad intentions then you’ve met your match with this sample pack.

As always you can go and grab some free demo dubstep loops direct from the platinumloops website in three different formats for full DAW compatibility. WAV files work in all DAW but especially well in Ableton and Acid. Rex2 files are popular among Reason users as well as Cubase enthusiasts. Apple Loops are the file of choice for Garageband and Logic lovers.

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