Baddass Breakbeats straight to your DAW.

November 8, 2012

Sample Pack Releases

The live drum loop specialists at Silicon Beats have just announced Baddass Breakbeats V1 and Baddass Breakbeats V2. These killer sample packs feature live drum breaks and fills that boast a retro ‘sampled vinyl’ sound that works well for many genres but particularly well for hip hop and funk.

You could even slow these monster drum loops down to 70 bpm and make your dubstep tracks crush. Whatever genre you like to produce you just can’t beat the sheer funk vibe of a real drummer.

Everybody knows that the right breakbeat can totally MAKE a track. Whether you use it for the main groove of the song or actually as a ‘breakbeat’, it’s vital to get the right vibe and these two sample packs offer a wealth of different drum sounds and rhythms to virtually guarantee success.

A good quality breakbeat is one that stands the test of time and these breaks were created to sound like they were sampled from ancient crates of vinyl records from the glory days of funk. Back in the day, if you didn’t have a funky drummer your band didn’t stand a chance and this spawned generations of awesome drummers looking to be the next ‘Jabo Starks’ or ‘Clyde Stubblefield’.

Awesome breakbeats happen when you get the perfect match of the following ingredients:

  • A totally Funky Drummer
  • Perfectly Tuned Vintage Drums
  • A Live Room with the right Acoustics

In all three of these respects Silicon Beats has completely nailed it. Add to that the fact that all of the loops in this sample pack have been edited to perfection and formatted to work in pretty much any DAW and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. Spoil yourself and download the full sample pack from Silicon Beats Today. You can also download a few free demo breakbeats to test them out in your project and see if they suite your needs. Head over to the product details pages now and grab some of the freebies on offer.


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