Big Boss V2 – Trap Music Loops

March 12, 2013

Sample Pack Releases

Platinumloops is back with their follow up collection of epic trap loops entitled ‘Big Boss V2‘. This one is quite the departure from the previous volume as it focuses on a smoother, more RnB type of sound. We’re talking lush string arrangements and laid back grooves that almost hark back to the classic days of Barry White.

All of this retro style is offset with modern production techniques and sounds that work perfectly. The drum grooves feature plenty of complex yet subtle hi-hat patterns. We hear occasional 808 kicks under fat horn stabs and the one thing that becomes most obvious with these loop sets is that they were created to make the ideal beds for rappers or vocalists.

Any self respecting vocal artist could sprinkle their own vocal recordings on top of these elite beats and have an instant banger.

This sample pack has a more definite ‘soul’ feel to it that the previous volume didn’t. If you’re after that hard, street banger sound this is not the sample pack for you. Check out ‘Big Boss V1‘ is that’s more your bag.

As always every part of the beat is provided in its fully stemmed out loop form. That means you get loops for the drums, bass, strings, pianos etc and you can then mix them to suite your tastes. It’s pretty easy to put together a professional sounding beat and there’s plenty of scope for customizing and adding to the sounds to make something truly unique.

Have a listen to the demo above and see if the smoothness is right for your sound. You can also grab some free demo loops on the official product page.

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