Big Boss V1 – Trap Loops Sample Pack

February 6, 2013

Sample Pack Releases

Platinumloops has just released a new sample pack entitled ‘Big Boss V1’ which is a Trap Music Sample pack for lovers of dark and dirty southern rap music with that slightly menacing atmosphere made famous by Rick Ross.

You know the score, trap music has that edgy gangster sound with sub popping 808 kicks and crazy hi-hat patterns. It’s fairly minimal which gives plenty of space for vocals to take centre stage in the mix. Have a listen.

There’s something about a bass line that’s created entirely from pitched kick drums that really delivers some crushing power. Add to that some sinister horn stabs and some retro 80’s synth pad and you’ve got yourself a Trap beat worthy of the clubs.

Platinumloops is no stranger to Hip Hop and Rap beat production but this new ‘Big Boss V1’ Trap loops pack adds yet another bow to their rapidly expanding arsenal of top notch beat making tools for producers of all abilities.

It’s all about inspiration. Either rebuild their beats from stems or get more creative and use these samples as a stepping off point to launch your own unique ideas.

With the MIDI files included in this sample pack you’ve got all the options. Here’s an example. Let’s say you load up some of the loops into Ableton, you pick a selection of loops that are designed to be used together, you like pretty much all of the sounds but you’d prefer to change the lead synth to one of your own favourite patches and while you’re at it maybe alter the melody a little.

No problem, just import the MIDI file into your project and now you’ve got full control over that lead synth line. Simply assign your own virtual instrument and the change the notes to whatever you like. Having full control is a nice feature and this sample pack puts you firmly in the drivers seat.

As always you can hop on over to Platinumloops to grab some free demo loops from ‘Big Boss V1’ to check out the sound quality and test the loops in your DAW of choice, be it Ableton, Garageband, Logic, Protools, FL Studio etc.

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